Soldiers’ School of Instruction Registration


 Well folks this is a message that is not easy to make. But reality is what it is and to be dealt with.  Darcy, Paul and I have planned the School event soon after we cancelled the October re enactment.  We trusted the conditions would allow us to have a School event in April. But now after reconnecting with Chris at the Trumbull County Health Department we really need to cancel the event.

     The State of Ohio and Governor DeWine’s rules have been in place for months.  But they are not always followed or enforced. And to make matters worse the virus is resurging.   Therefore no mass gatherings of over 10 people, staying 6 feet distant, and wearing masks are still to be observed.

Chris could not see any way our event with what we do to allow any exemption like some venues have.  We could have the event and perhaps be reprimanded afterward but as law abiding Christians and protocol following military I would never like to ruin our good reputation and the goodwill we possess.

   So after a long sigh of disappointment we are canceling the School and discontinuing further planning and presentations.  Please notify those whom you will contact and Darcy and I will do the same. Fees to be refunded.

  Thank you so much for planning what we anticipated to be an enjoyable and successful event.  Rules being what they are it remains to be seen what events and activities that will be able to take place going into Spring Summer and Fall.   Take care,  Ted and Darcy


3:00 pm Registration opens at the Shelter House in the Park. 

7:30 pm Commanders Meeting at Command AG Tent. 

11:00 pm Registration closes

12:00 am Extinguish Lights Camp Quiet

6:00 am Registration opens at the Shelter House in the Park

6:30 am Reveille
7:00 am Breakfast for all registered at the Museum
7:15 am Consolidated reports to Command AG
8:15 am First Call
8:30 am Assembly Battalion Dress Parade/ Formation
9:00 am March to assigned Drill Field 
         Schools of Instruction at assigned locations
11:00 am Registration closes
12:00 pm Bag Lunches available for pre-paid reenactors at Museum
4:30 pm Birney’s Division Annual meeting location TBD
5:30 pm Supper for pre-paid reenactors at Mespo Expo
7:30 pm Dance at Mespo Expo
12:00 am Extinguish Lights Camp Quiet
6:30 am Reveille
7:15 am Consolidated reports to Command AG
8:30 am Commander’s meeting for tactical at Command AG tent
9:00 am Church Call
10:15 am First Call
10:30 am Assembly
                 Battalion Dress Parade/ Formation/Weapons Inspection
                 March to assigned staging areas for morning tactical 
11:00 am Tactical 
                 Cease Fire / assembly / clear weapons
Return to Camp
Break Camp


1. SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY is the number one rule and supersedes all other rules. When in doubt take the safe way out. 

2. All uniforms must be of proper period materials and construction. 

3. Civilian attire must conform to the style of the day and be of proper materials and construction. 

4. ONLY period glasses will be permitted unless safety is affected. 

5. Shoes and boots must be of proper period construction. Jefferson booties and brogans and period cut boots. NO combat boots, cowboy, work boots or sneakers. 

6. All officers must have the proper uniform and accouterments. No one above the rank of Captain without prior approval of the Event Staff. 

7. No pets will be allowed in camps without prior permission. 

8. Fire pits will be allowed in designated areas only. No fire pits in Sutlers’ row. Units are expected to FILL IN fire pits at the end of the event and accept full responsibility for fires. 

9. All modern equipment, packages, containers or foods are to remain out of sight at all times. 

10. Vehicles WILL NOT be allowed in the camping area during the hours open to the public. If you have to leave the event during the weekend, please make arrangements with the event staff to enter the camps with your vehicle before or after spectator hours. All vehicles must park in the re-enactor lot. 

11. No live ammunition or fireworks allowed. Gunpowder will be carried as pre-rolled cartridges only. 

12. NO illegal substances will be tolerated. Abuses or possession will be referred to local law officers. 

13. All participants are expected to cooperate with and follow directions of local law enforcement authorities, Event Staff, Land Owners and Provost Marshall. 

14. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a way that positively reflects on them, their unit, the event, and the re-enacting hobby. Rowdiness, abusive language, or public drunkenness will not be tolerated. Unit commanders are responsible for the conduct of their unit members both military and civilian. 

15. All units are expected to bag all trash and deposit it in a prearranged spot, daily. 

16. All participants are expected to assist in guard and/or fatigue details. 

17.   At all times, children will be accompanied by an adult. Please encourage children to take part in the living history presentation with appropriate games, etiquette & dress. 

18. Every unit and Unit Commander is responsible for the conduct of their unit, civilians and their guests. Any rules violated may be grounds for an individual or unit to be suspended from the event. 

19.The Event Staff and the Land Owners reserve the right to remove any participant or any unit from the event for any act or violation felt to be unsafe or improper. 

20. No recruiting posters or recruiting items are to be displayed except by approval of the Event Staff. Any unit caught breaking this rule will be asked to remove the item or items and may be asked to leave the event. 

21. Any units other than the host unit(s) may not sell, raffle or charge for any items unless they are designated a sutler and have paid the proper fee. Any unit caught breaking, this rule will be charged a sutler fee and/or asked to leave the event. 

22. No soldiers may wear earrings, sunglasses, wristwatches etc. or anything not deemed period appropriate by the host units. 

23. Additions, subtractions or alterations of these rules may be done by the Event Staff / host unit at any time felt necessary to improve authenticity or safety of the event. 

24. Event registration ribbons and passes must be on your possession when away from your tent/camping area. Unit officers should have a ribbon/pass check prior to formations. 

25. Any Unit Commander directly disobeying the order of their respective overall commander will be subject to removal from the event. 

26. Recruits should be properly drilled prior to the battles. New recruits should always be in the front rank (infantry) when ever possible and in all branches surrounded by veteran troops for assistance. 

27. NO “Flag grabbing” will occur unless Army, Battalion and Unit Commanders agree to it, in advance.


Lastly, masks and social distancing MAY BE required by the State of Ohio.


Safety, Safety, Safety is the Number 1 priority!!!!

1. Minimum age to carry a weapon is 16 years old. NO exceptions. Proof of age may be requested. 

2. Weapons will be three band rifles or muskets. Proper 2-banders and breechloaders, if documentation agrees with the unit impression, will be allowed. NO Remington Zouaves, carbines, Hawkins, shotguns, or flintlocks allowed. When possible short rifles or muskets should be placed in the front rank when in close order formations 

3. All weapons (Muskets, Rifles and Pistols) will be inspected by the Infantry Commanding Officer of each respective army or his designee each time before taking the field for any reason. 

4. ABSOLUTELY NO discharge of firearms except by permission of the Commanding Officer and only in areas designated outside the camps by the Commanding Officer of the encampment or his designee. 

5. No weapons will be discharged within 25 yards of the “enemy”. Elevation of guns when firing within 50 yards of the “enemy” is required. 

6. Ramrods will not be used in any scenario. Ramrods may be used during inspection and for Living History presentations only. 

7. Bayonets are not to be fixed on the field. All bayonet scabbards should have a metal tip securely fastened on the end. Bayonets may be used during formation of the battalion, stacking arms, Dress Parade, inspection and for Living History Presentations only. 

1. All state required shots including recent Coggins certificate will be required and proof of such will be needed to take the field. 

2. All mounts or horses will be under the direction of the Event Staff or their appointee. 

3. All mounts or horses will be inspected by the Event Staff or their appointee before taking the field. 

4.All riders are responsible for the safe handling and care of their mounts. Anyone thought to be unsafe or mistreating their mount will be asked to leave the field and or the event. 

5.Spectators and Civilians will not be permitted to ride the horses. 

6.Horses will not be permitted in the sutler area or in the spectator area. 

7.All horses must be kept on a designated picket line when not in use. 

8. All picket lines must have a guard on duty at all times when a horse(s) is presentArtillery Rules:


1. All Artillery pieces will be inspected by the Chief of Artillery prior to being placed on the field. Any pieces found unsafe will not be allowed to take the field. 

2. All units drill (including misfire) will be inspected and approved by the Chief of Artillery or his designee before being allowed to be operated on the field or for demonstrations. (Preferred drills are National Park and National Civil War Artillery Assoc.) 

3. All units will drill at least once a day prior to taking the field for battle or demonstrations. 

4. All artillery units will adhere to a fifty (50) yard minimum safety zone within 180-degree radius of the front of the muzzle of the piece. 

5. All rounds must be rolled before coming to the event. No rounds are to be rolled on the event sight. 

6. Artillery rounds will be kept in the Tupperware type or other approved weatherproof 

container inside their ammo or limber box at all times except when loading the piece. 

7. All limber or ammo boxes containing black powder or rounds will be locked at all times except when loading the piece and/or limber/ammo box, or being inspected. 

8. The Bounty for the artillery will be given only to units that participate in the event for the entire weekend.

9. The maximum rate of fire for any one cannon will not exceed one (1) round per minute, from time of discharge to placing the next round into the muzzle. Slow rates of fire are encouraged. 

10. There is to be no filler added to any rounds. Gunpowder Only!!!!! This means no flour, wading, sawdust etc. 

11. The bore of the cannon will be wormed and thoroughly sponged with water after each shot is fired. 

12. The No. 1 man shall not double or triple tamp the round to the breech. It should be rammed home in one motion. 

13. Crew member No.1 and No.2 will wear their jackets/coat with sleeves down while servicing the piece . They will also wear a pair of heavy welding gloves or other gloves approved by the Chief of Artillery. 

14. No enlisted cannoneers shall wear a pistol, revolver or sabrewhile serving on a crew. 

15. No one under the 15 years of age may serve on positions 1-4 or Gunner of an artillery crew. Positions 5-7 must be no younger then 13 years of age. 

16. The use of mortars, scale pieces and the like will be allowed at the event only by the discretion of the Chief of Artillery and the Event Staff. 

17.Each Piece shall be equipped with the following equipment and implements be in good working order. 

A) Sponge rammer- Shall fit the bore and be capable of sponging the bottom of the breech 

with spare sponge covers on hand. 

B) Worm- Shall be of a size capable of dislodging all foreign objects. Tines shall be sharp 

and not compressed. 

C) Sponge Bucket 

D) Thumbstall

E) Priming Wire 

F) Powder Passers Haversack 

G) Gimlet and or Vent Punch 

H) Friction Primer Tube Pouch 

I) Vent Brush 

J) Two Pairs of Heavy Leather Glover for Positions No 1 And No 2. 

K) Lockable limber or ammo chest of proper period construction. 

L) Lanyard. 

M) Needle nose pliers. 


Lastly, masks and social distancing MAY BE required by the State of Ohio.


Safety, Safety, Safety is the Number 1 priority