Soldiers’ School of Instruction Mesopotamia, Ohio

Soldiers' School of Instruction April 23, 24 and 25, Route 534, Mesopotamia, OH 44439

Dear Civil War Historians,

We the Committee are putting together the Soldiers’ School of Instruction taking place April 23, 24 & 25 In Mesopotamia, Ohio.  You are cordially invited to participate in our Event!  We are planning to have a “Living History Village” with Civil War impressions and demonstrations. You may wish to set up a display Or demo with a tent or you can use one of the historical buildings. Please complete the registration form which follows in order that we may make preparations.

The on-line registration will published on the Ohio Regimental Military Ball web site under “Soldiers’ School of Instruction” and on the Mesopotamia Civil War Reenactment Group on Facebook. The Registration fee is $10 and includes breakfast (eggs, bacon, bread), straw, wood, water & port-a-potties.

There is an optional brown bag lunch consisting of a sandwich, fry pie, and cheese.  $6 per person.  MUST PRE-REGISTER

Dinner 5:30 pm and Dance 7:30  pm. $10 – $15 per person, option, MUST PRE-REGISTER. (Chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread, veggie and Amish pie).

It has been quite awhile since any event has happened to share our love of history so we are hoping this event will be able to take place and look forward to your participation to make it a success.  This is primarily an event for Reenactors by Reenactors to learn from one another.  All of us have an opportunity to meander through the encampment, participate and socialize.  This event will not be publicized but random spectators will not be disallowed.

Questions?  Call Ted Dudra 330-310-2784 or Darcy Miller 330-550-0285

Military – please contact Paul Baltzer 814-450-6545